Asteroid Runner is 2d scrolling space shooter inspired by the bullet hell game genre fly a small ship through an asteroid field dodging and blasting  obstacles and defeat the boss.


Move with wasd 

point with mouse and shoot with left or right mouse buttons.

Warning: Some loud sfx

I am having a little trouble balancing sound volumes.  Some sounds may be harsh it might be a good idea to turn the volume down and turn it up after the game starts.

This is the first fully playable version of my game.  At this point it is a proof of concept, and is set to loop after defeating the first boss.  As I move forward I want to have multiple boss's and an end and not just a loop.

The game is not balanced after the first boss and the transition is still a bit harsh.

Current goal is three Obstacle waves and three boss waves.  I would like to take it further but I currently want to keep my planned scope simple.

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